Christmas Hamper Menu 

Simply choose any 4 items from the following list, to make up your £100 Christmas hamper.  
3kg Roll of Prime Aged Beef 
2.5kg e Prime Rib on the Bone 
3kg Beef Sirloin Roasting Joint 
6kg Farm Fresh Turkey 
4kg Boneless Turkey Butterfly 
4kg Bone in Pork Leg 
4kg Boneless Pork Loin 
(both come with approx 24 Chipolatas & 24 Rashers of bacon) 
1 Whole Horseshoe Gammon Joint 
(Choose Smoked or Unsmoked) 
Need a Smaller Hamper? Just pick your 4 choices and choose £50 Hamper in the dropdown menu. We'll halve the weight for you (Please note that the £50 hampers contain the Turkey Butterfly NOT a Whole Turkey). 
Want to Order Individual Joints?  
Call our hotline on 01273 456592 to discuss weights and prices. 
Choose from either; 
Whole Fresh Turkey/Goose/Rib of Beef/Duck/Capon 

Closing date for orders is 15th December 2017 

Don't forget to choose your collection date! 
22nd, 23rd or 24th December 
3kg Roll of Prime Aged Roasting Beef
2.5kg Prime Rib on the Bone
3kg Beef Sirloin Roasting Joint
6kg Fresh Farm Turkey
4kg Boneless Turkey Butterfly
4kg Bone in Fresh Pork Leg
3kg Boneless Pork Loin
1 Whole Horseshoe Gammon
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